was established in 1997 by master plumber Troy Brandenburg in Burnet County. It is a 4th generation plumbing tradition, committed to quality plumbing repair, remodel, and water conditioning.

Great-grandpa began his company in 1917 near Chicago. He said Al Capone always paid for plumbing repairs quickly and in cash. Other customers sometimes paid in chickens.

Silent Film Advertisement for Brandenburg Plumbing

Silent film slide ad from great grandpa’s company

Grandpa began his plumbing repair company in the early 1950s. He was known as a plumbing mechanic: a plumber other master plumbers call for technical advice. He also held licenses in electrical and air-conditioning repair.

grandpa on the roof

Grandpa, Working on a Roof Vent in 1980

Grandpa talked Troy into joining the family of craftsmen when Troy expressed frustration in finding a mentally challenging job without cubicles. “Everyday brings a new customer at a new location with a new puzzle to solve.”

troy on a bobcat machine

Troy Brandenburg, founder & owner

The family tradition continues with the 4th generation. Lucas Brandenburg works as a licensed plumber having returned to the business after earning a degree from Trinity University. Adam designed this website. The two youngest assist in property maintenance, from washing trucks to mowing grass.

the youngest brandenburg, will, crying in an advertisement

Will, the youngest Brandenburg and ad model

Over the years, Brandenburg Plumbing has expanded with the addition of a fantastic group of employees. They are held to the highest standards of professionalism. For their dedication to top quality service, we are grateful.